12 Months of Muffin

12 Months of Muffin

I randomly decided to do the donut theme for each month and I am so glad we did! You can see how he packs on the pounds, how he masters holding his head up, sitting up and the first month he stole a donut! So fun!

Its funny before the baby comes everyone says “Ohhh the first couple months are the hardest” and well the first month was hard because I was still healing but honestly the first 9 months were great. Chris and I had a routine down… eat, diaper, cuddles, nap…… REPEAT every single day. I look back and think man that was the easy time…. no one warns you about the ONE YEAR old! LOL, he is mobile, has a mind of his own and apparently hates all food. LOL. So I look back on these pictures with fond rose colored glasses because now we are in the TRENCHES!

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