Hello again! I am back….. sadly, the original Okie a la mode is gone. I have NO clue why, how or where and it breaks my heart. SO many years of my life, my musings, recipes and memories but it has somehow disappeared into the great yonder!

So I am back with this simple made my me format, who knows I might upgrade or I might just leave it at this! For the past year there has been so many firsts with Everett that I have wanted to share with you, days when I needed an outlet or just crazy pieces of my life I have missed sharing with you all. SO again, I am back!

I want to always talk about fashion, my home, recipes and what not but this time mostly I want to be a completely REAL and honest voice for Moms out there. New moms, old moms (me), tired moms, moms who are killing it and all those in between. I have ALWAY prided myself in being honest in my blog and that will not change now. I feel like I have changed SOOO much in the past 3 years, I it’s a lot to unpack and I look forward to taking you all with me. I can’t promise I will have regular posts I have a crazy 13 month old that I have to keep up with. A house to clean, pets to love and a job to maintain…… but I will do my best!

I have missed you guys!


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