Let’s start backwards?

Let’s start backwards?

How about we start backwards with Everetts FIRST Birthday party?! We knew since he was born that we wanted to do a Big E Smalls theme. SO talk about a year in the making! I got so lucky because apparently that theme is REALLY popular right now and Etsy is FULLLLLL of cheap and easy ideas!

I am so proud of all the little details… the ball pit was the BEST thing we ever did! AND totally cheap you guys! We used Tiny Tots Fun Zone and the venue was this awesome multi-use space in Norman Ivy Lane Studios! And oh YA….. we had a hot dog vendor set up! I didn’t want to worry about making food and when you add up pizza this was cheaper and such a cool vibe! You can find him on Facebook, Split top dogs! The smash cake I made from scratch myself, I really wanted to do that for him. And then LUCKY LUCKY me….. my boss lady is Brown Egg Bakery and she so so graciously offered to make Everett’s party cake! How lucky!

I used super fun print at home printables and did a memory box that he will open when he turns 18!

Our boy had the best time and yes we played hip hop tunes…. he loves music, every night after we do jammies we have a 3 minute dance party! He also LOVES sweets just like his parents, so he loved digging into this cake!

You guys raising a baby isn’t easy and I loose my patience more than I like but I really feel so lucky to be his Mom. It’s like a higher power knew he was going to be mine and that is how my life worked out. I mean getting pregnant and having a baby at 40, insane….. but I am so lucky I have Chris who is the best partner and Dad and I mean you guys… look at this boy we made. He could not be any sillier or cuter and you know that is true!

Happy First Birthday Everett! We love you so much

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