Happy First Day of FALL

Happy First Day of FALL

Mom invited me to a pumpkin painting class at her church this week and it was SO MUCH FUN. And easy, man you guys this was so easy! In fact Chris and I are going to paint another one this weekend at home!

You can see you will need a pumpkin, a disposable cup, about 4-5 craft paints and then a pan. You can use a cake cooling rack inside the pan to help the paint drip!

All you do is put 2 whole bottles of the main color in a cup first to fill it about 1/2 way. Then add 3-4 additional colors ….squirt around the cup (like picture) then you literally pour like you see my Mom doing! This will take about 2 days to dry and it will continue to drip and change which is the fun part! You can start at the top again and do a second pour to add more paint or you can do what I did, leave it and let the pumpkin show. These turned out so good and no one was alike which was the fun part! This weekend I think we are going to do a “shades of blue” pumpkin for our living room!

I will say getting these home were hard, hence me strapping Mom in with both our pumpkins….. he had laughs and best part this was a quick little project so I was home for bedtime with my boys! Let me know if you do this project, I would love to see yours!!!

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