Semi-SAHM Life

Semi-SAHM Life

I am SO lucky to get to work part time from home for my friend Allison at Brown Egg Bakery. I work early in the mornings (like 5am) while Chris and Everett watch the news, here and there throughout the day and then when Chris gets home. I work on the weekends when Chris is here to watch over Everett. So I love that I can spread my hours out across 7 days. And these days life in general is SO expensive so we have absolutely toyed with the idea of me getting a full time job but with as expensive as daycare is, I would have to make a substantial amount over the daycare amount for it to make being away from Everett worthwhile. It’s honestly a struggle that is on our minds constantly, juggling finances and our family life. My life may be completely different than say 5+ years ago in so many ways but in other ways my life is full of so much love.

It’s funny, part of me is killing the Stay at Home Mom life and it is something I couldn’t love more. But of course there are days it pushes me to the edge. No one is perfect and some days I don’t have as much patience as I would like, or days I think Everett deserves better than me. ya know? It’s weird, having this “job” where literal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is required and so many days I SUCK at it but you will never get fired. I think it’s also hard because this may not be the case everywhere but here in Oklahoma I am an “old Mom”. My best friend is (gasp) a grandmother. A very, young one but I do not have a friend that is in the same Mom life as I am in now. Not that I have anytime for friends but it would be nice to have someone in the same boat as me?!> Who knows. These are the ramblings of a stay at home Mom. I think another thing that is tough is when you are on a spend no money track I feel a little trapped at home with E. I mean come on, anytime you leave the house it costs… literally! LOL. Today I was like I should take E to the Fair, see animals and eat some food but GOOD LORD do you know how expensive the Fair is? How is everyone going? LOL

I digress…..

I LOVE being able to comfort him when he needs me, see all his little milestones, listen to him sing which is something he loves and have afternoon dance parties with him in his room… to rap of course. I think when days are the hardest (grocery, clean, laundry, cook, clean, again) even I need to remind myself that is it ok to not be perfect. He looks at me the same whether I haven’t showered in days or if I brushed my hair! Babies are great that way!

Currently E has like 5 teeth coming in which are so hard on him plus he now has a complete mind of his own. We love seeing his personality develop but that also means he knows what he wants and what he doesn’t. I swear babies man. I saw this meme that said how to deal with a 1 year old tantrum…. you can’t, just scream with them! That is truth! LOL

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